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Hi, I’m Greg.

I am a self-employed photographer and graphic designer who enjoys art and innovation.

As a portrait photographer, I specialize in capturing the spirit of the individual. Whether you are a business owner, musician, a teacher, an artist, or a highschool senior, my goal is to capture you as an individual and to accurately depict your personality through my portraits. Fun-loving, dramatic, introverted, independent, or artistic; it makes no difference. You are unique and special, and that is what I aim to capture.

When it comes to design, I make it my objective to convey a clear message through the imagery I create. Art, in my opinion, is a form of communication, and all visual imagery should be created to convey a thought, feeling, or emotion. If an image or a design doesn’t elicit a response from its viewers, though it may be technically good, it has fallen short of its purpose.

Some might think that my approach to visual imagery is a bit unconventional. That’s okay. The truth is that I enjoy breaking outside the norm and trying new things; and I hope that that is made readily apparent in my work.

You can check out my main photography website here: